Oculus skylight, which stayed closed for 9/11 tribute, will need $200,000 seal

The skylight of the Oculus has leaked since 2018. The repair bill is estimated to cost $200,000, reports Elizabeth Kim for Gothamist.

The damage to the skylight is thought to have happened when it opened last year for the September 11th tribute. That tribute could not happen this year, due to the damage.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesman Steve Coleman, made this statement —

“Following the advice of expert consultants, we are conducting engineering analysis on the Oculus skylight’s 120-motor mechanism that opens and closes the roof, and we are carefully reviewing the best approach to repair a complex, one-of-a-kind architectural feature. Our priority is to get it right. While that analysis is on-going, we are taking prudent steps to better protect the skylight with a more durable barrier system. On a time and materials basis, we estimate the installation of this system to cost approximately $200,000.”

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