New studies from the World Trade Center Health Registry for those 25 and Under

If you are a Registry enrollee now and are 13 to 25 years old, you may be eligible for separate paid research studies focused on children and young adults who lived or went to school in lower Manhattan at the time of the 9/11 disaster.

  1. The Stress and Well-Being Study, focused on adolescents and young adults who were 0-12 years of age on 9/11.  Study interviewers are available seven days a week, including nights and holidays, and go to the participant’s home, or to another convenient place, to conduct the interview(s), and each participant is compensated.
  2. The World Trade Center Adolescent Health Study. This study will help fill in the knowledge gap about post-9/11 adolescent physical health, and will also give participants the opportunity to learn about their lung and heart health in a non-invasive and unique way. Appointments are available five days a week, including Saturdays and week nights. Parents will also answer a short survey and will be paid as well.

If you are a Registry enrollee and are interested in learning more about either study, please contact the Registry at (347) 396-2924 for the Stress and Well-Being Study and (347) 396-2843 for the World Trade Center Adolescent Health Study. If you’re not a Registry enrollee and would like to participate, please contact the studies at (646) 774-5773/6068 for Columbia University and (917) 946-3850 for NYU.

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