New pilot records database published after push from Flight 3407 families

Families of people killed aboard Flight 3407 have worked since its 2009 crash to establish a pilot records database which shows pilots’ flight histories and other records. That database now exists.

Flight 3407 killed 50 people, including Beverly Eckert, who was flying to Buffalo to deliver a check to a winner of the Sean Rooney Memorial Scholarship. Sean Rooney, her husband, was killed in the World Trade Center terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. The Flight 3407 pilots turned out to have been insufficiently trained, and the crash was attributed to pilot error, reports I’jaz Ja’ciel for Sprectrum News.

Karen Eckert, Beverly’s sister, was one of those who fought for the pilot database. She said, “…when you have a view in your mind about a person, you don’t stop. And you do it for them, and you do it for us — those of us who still fly. And it’s hard, yes — but you never think of quitting.”

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