New Jersey man tried to use fake work ID to perform “reconnaissance” of restricted area on George Washington Bridge: authorities

A man was arrested after he posed as a worker on the George Washington Bridge and tried to gain access to restricted areas of the bridge. Investigators found he had phony ID from a number of companies, blueprints of NYC landmarks, and a cache of empty high-capacity ammo magazines, reports John Annese for the New York Daily News. 

The man’s Daniel Czerepak’s electronic toll records indicated that he had also been to the Brooklyn and Verrazano-Narrows Bridges, and the Lincoln Tunnel.

During his initial court appearance, Assistant County Prosecutor Christine Gorzelany said, “When you put the pieces together, a picture emerges. And this picture is frankly terrifying. He’s conducting reconnaissance, he’s learning with each approach to the bridge and he’s keeping track of what he’s learning.”

Czerepak is in custody and will go back to court on October 15, 2019.

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