Moment Freedom Tower caught the sun and created dazzling natural light tribute to the old World Trade Center

Mailonline Reporter and Caters News Agency

Light from Tower 1; photo Jay Fine

Light from Tower 1; photo Jay Fine

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In a stunning, and unexpected, tribute to New York’s old World Trade Center, the Freedom Tower caught the sun and shot a beam of light into the heavens this weekend.

The beam of light is reminiscent of the annual Tribute in Light display to memorialize those who died in the towers on 9/11. Each September, 88 searchlights are trained into the sky creating two vertical columns of light to mimic where the towers once stood.

The amazing sight – believed to have never been seen before – was captured Friday morning during rush hour.

Keen snapper Jay Fine, who lives a short walk south from the site, photographed the spectacular scene.

It’s unknown what caused the beam to shoot into the sky from the iconic skyscraper which looked similar to the 9/11 tribute.

But speculation online ranged from water particles caused by cleaning and illuminated by the sun to aliens.

Jay said: ‘I shot the photos around 8.45am a few blocks south of One World Trade Center.

Some speculated that the beam of light was caused by a combination of cleaning supplies and the sun’s position

‘I photograph the building every morning as I run some errands.But on this morning I noticed something I’d never seen before – a streak of light, like a comet’s tail, coming off the east side of the building.

‘It was there for at least 15 minutes. I have no idea what caused it – I’ve never seen anything like it.’

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