Mike Fiore Scholarship winners to be honored for final time

The Mike Fiore Scholarship will end this year, after giving 15 scholarships to deserving student athletes in honor of FF Michael Fiore, of Rescue 5, who was killed while responding to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

There will be a luncheon after this year’s scholarship ceremony. Past winners and supporters are invited to attend.

The final winners of the Mike Fiore Scholarship are Briana Van Cleaf, the 2014 winner, and Kristen Gullickson, the 2015 winner. Ms. Gullickson lost her uncle, Lt. Joseph Gullickson, FDNY, in the attacks.

To learn more about the scholarship, please read the article written by Charlie De Biase Jr.in the November 12, 2015 Staten Island Advance.

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