Manchester Arena terror survivor still haunted by bomber who was just yards from her

Eve Senior, a schoolgirl who survived the Manchester Arena terror attack, is still haunted by the face of the suicide bomber who passed her just before he detonated the bomb that killed 22 people and injured more than 50 on May 22, 2017.

Injured by 18 pieces of the bomb’s shrapnel, Eve, 14 at the time, had nightmares almost immediately.

“They started from the second day in hospital. I had bad dreams about him. Sometimes I have dreams where he’s hurting me, or sometimes he’s watching me. I have this same dream where he does watch me. I had it in hospital, he came into the hospital room. I’ve had it at home also – he comes into my bedroom, I have that quite a lot.”

Eve was attending the concert with her mother, who was also seriously injured, and her little sister, who had minor injuries.

Eve will need at least seven more surgeries. The treatments she received for her injuries have inspired her to become a nurse herself, reports Paul Byrne for the Daily Mirror.

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