LMDC Memorial Mission Statement

By Kathy Ashton

The Coalition of 9/11 Families encourages families to express your opinions to the LMDC on the WTC memorial mission statement and program for design of the memorial. While the LMDC is the official entity created by Governor Pataki and Mayor Giuliani to direct development of the WTC site, the Coalition serves to advocate for our families voices. Several founding members of the Coalition serve on the Family Advisory Council of the LMDC. This has allowed the Coalition to have a direct voice and channel your feedback in planning the memorial.

As a member of the Family Advisory Council for the LMDC, I was appointed to work with the Committee who drafted the Mission Statement for the WTC Memorial. The mission statement will serve to guide the creation of the memorial and its evolution as a symbolic representation of September 11th. Following is the final draft for the memorial mission statement published by the LMDC.

Remember and Honor the thousands of innocent men, women and children killed in the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001.

Respect this place made sacred through tragic loss.

Recognize the endurance of those who survived, the courage of those who risked their lives to save others and the compassion of all who supported us in our darkest hours.

May the lives remembered, the deeds recognized and the spirit reawakened be eternal beacons, which reaffirm respect for life, strengthen our resolve to preserve freedom and inspire an end to hatred, ignorance and intolerance.

This statement will be the guiding element of the WTC memorial. Information on the memorial program that outlines the aspirations the memorial should convey and the elements for designers to include are listed on the LMDC web site. We encourage your feedback to the Coalition over our web site at www.memorialfor911.com and to the LMDC at www.renewnyc.com.

See the complete newsletter here.

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