Irish football team pays tribute to Notre Dame’s victims of 9/11

By Angelo Di Carlo WNDU

The Notre Dame football team capped off its week long activities in New York City in preparation for the Pinstripe Bowl by visiting the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan.

The trip to Ground Zero had a particular meaning to the Irish, who honored four Notre Dame alums who lost their lives due to the tragedies that occurred on September 11, 2001.

Four Irish seniors placed flags by the names of each Notre Dame alum that lost their lives.

Irish lineman Chris Watt honored Francis Edward Grogan, a 1951 Notre Dame alum who was on Flight 175, which crashed into the South Tower. Class of 1962 alum Robert John Ferris was in the South Tower and lost his life. He was honored by linebacker Danny Spond.

“I mean that’s so humbling and basically brings a tear to your eye, you know, to be able to recognize and honor someone who is a part of your Notre Dame family,” said Spond, “Notre Dame is a family for a reason and to be able to come here and put a flag on their name for all they did and all they served, to be here is something. It’s very humbling. It’s a great honor to do that.”

Irish quarterback Tommy Rees paid his respects to 1977 alum Dora Marie Mechaca, who was on Flight 77. That flight was flown into the Pentagon where Mechaca’s 1977 classmate Stephen Hyland was killed. Hyland was recognized by Irish captain Zack Martin.

Where the two towers once stood, now sits [sic] Memorial pools. Both pools sit in the shadow of the new One World Trade Center, which is now recognized as America’s tallest building.

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