Hundreds of Guardsmen fall through cracks of 9/11 programs

More than 8,000 National Guard soldiers worked during the recovery efforts after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, mostly providing security at the site. Many of them, like all recovery workers, are now suffering from their work.

Many of the National Guard have not been told they are eligible for health care, or suffer from conditions not covered under the WTC Health Program. Those that know about the coverage often do not have help with the complicated application procedure. Also, some National Guard soldiers were sent to the site under the auspices of the state; others came under federal Article 10 activation. Federal and state activations have different levels of compensation and benefits. To add to the confusion,  Veterans Affair coverage isn’t guaranteed, as it covers only those soldiers who serve for at least 20 years or those who served in combat zones.

Many National Guard soldiers feel forgotten and ignored.

A new foundation, the Schoene Foundation for 9/11 NYARNG Family Support, has been organized to created to help soldiers, reports Shenandoah Briere for the Cortland Standard.

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