Hempstead Town to unveil its permanent September 11 memorial at Point Lookout

After months of work, the official September 11th memorial at Point Lookout will be completed by next week, Hempstead officials told Stefanie Dazio for Newsday. It will be unveiled at this year’s September 11th ceremony.

Point Lookout has been a much loved site for anniversary vigils and ceremonies since the earliest days after the attacks.

Details of the new memorial include a meditation plaza, a large steel remnant from Tower One of the former World Trade Center, a plaque showing the location of the attack site, and a granite wall with the names of the 2,973 people murdered in the attacks,. The wall will be updated annually with names of those who have died of site-related illnesses.

Approximately 200 Hempstead residents were killed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

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