Heartfelt Welcome Greets 9/11 First Responders after 1,400-Mile Journey to the Navy SEAL Museum

By Lauren Hills CBS 12 News 

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FT PIERCE, Fla. — Between hugs and handshakes, New York City firefighter Louis Strandberg could hardly get a moment to himself.

“It’s hard to put into words.”

Along with his fellow New York City firefighters, Strandberg just completed an east coast cycling journey ending at The National Navy Seal Museum in Ft. Pierce.

“As firefighters, we’re used to working together, but it was 19 days in, 19 days out,” said Sandberg.

They did it with a certain goal in mind, and something special in a trailer bed they brought along for the ride.

But first, you should know that Strandberg and many of his colleagues responded on 9/11.

“It felt like a dream, a really bad dream,” Strandberg recalled.

Years later, some of that group of men met a group of Navy SEALs who you’ll remember killed Bin Laden.

Strandberg says they felt humbled by all the SEALs do and wanted to say thanks.

So, they decided to cycle 1,400 miles from New York to the museum, toying behind a trailer carrying a 14 foot beam from the World Trade Center wreckage.

And now, after a long trip, this piece of history will stay at the museum and serve as a reminder.

For Strandberg, it’s this journey he knows will always stay with him. “I cherish and embrace every moment of it, once in a lifetime.”

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