Ground Zero survivors battle New York-Presbyterian Hospital which won’t accept 9/11 Health Program

New York-Presbyterian Hospital is causing problems for those sick from their exposure to World Trade Center toxins by refusing to accept  World Trade Center Health Program health insurance. Those already suffering from major illnesses now have to pay out of pocket for their care, and have the stress and worry of extra paperwork which the program is supposed to alleviate.

Pat Buttacavoli, whose husband Charlie is dealing with after-effects from stage-4 World Trade Center tongue cancer told Michael McAuliff of the New York Daily News, “New York-Presbyterian has always been a problem with the payments. I can spend, on a bad week, 30 to 40 hours trying to get his bills paid.” Some of those payments are made by the Buttacavolis, though those with covered conditions such as Charlie’s should not have to pay.

Other area hospitals have signed an agreement with the VCF, which New York-Presbyterian has failed to do.

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