Flight security ‘hopelessly inadequate’ to stop another 9/11-style attack, whistleblower says

Robert MacLean, the U.S. air marshal turned whistleblower who the Transportation Security Administration fired twice, says that U.S. planes are not safe enough, describing current security on aircraft “hopelessly inadequate”.

In Israel, planes have two locked doors and a hallway between them cockpit and danger. In the U.S., a law honoring Vincent Saracini, a pilot killed on September 11, 2001, requires secondary barriers on new aircraft. Congressional red tape is preventing this security measure from ensuring safety aboard current planes. A bill has languished in Congress since February 2019, reports Teri Sforza for the Orange County Register.

Cockpit doors also open inward, which is less safe than outward. Planes are not equipped with Narcan, leaving crews vulnerable to attack by drugs.

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