Flight 93 National Memorial contributes $20M to region

By Paul J. Gough Pittsburgh Business Times

Sign at Flight 93 Memorial

Sign at Flight 93 Memorial

The Flight 93 National Memorial pumps in about $20.8 million in economic impact to the Somerset region, according to data released by the National Parks Service.

There were 267,058 non-local visits in 2012 to the memorial, which honors the men and women aboard United Airlines Flight 93 who wrestled control of the jet from the hijackers but were killed in a crash on September 11, 2001, near Shanksville. The data from 2012 is the latest available.

That economic impact included $12.2 million in value-added effect and $7.3 milllion in labor-related income for nearly 267 jobs outside the park, according to the “2012 National Park Visitor Spending Effects” report.

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