Firefighter’s Story Inspires Others to Donate Blood

By Sapna Parikh ABC News

It’s an easy thing to do that can ultimately save someone’s life.

It’s as simple as rolling up a sleeve and giving a few minutes of your time to give blood.

“I think this is all of our first time, except for Ralph, so we’re pretty excited,” said Andrise Alzubhar, a student.

The students at North Rockland High School are lining up to become blood donors, inspired from the morning assembly.

“We saw The Red Bandanna, which is a story about a kid who just gave everything and he gave it all back to his community,” said Chris Apicella, a senior.

That kid with the red bandana is Welles Crowther from Nyack. He lost his life on 9/11 after saving the lives of at least 12 others. His mother teamed up with retired firefighter Jeff Cool to inspire students to donate blood.

“Every corner we turned had fire,” said Jeff Cool, a retired firefighter.

A graduate of North Rockland High School, Jeff received 72 units of blood in 2005. He was critically injured after being forced to jump from a burning building in the Bronx. Three of New York City’s bravest died in the line of duty on that infamous day known as Black Sunday. But Jeff’s message is that anyone can be a hero.

“Blood donors are everyday heroes. They don’t get much recognition or thanks, but I’m here to tell you thanks over and over again,” Cool said.

“We’re also talking to students about being a part of the greater good. What does it mean to contribute to something more than yourself?” said Dr. Michael Gill, Principal, North Rockland High School.

Each pint of blood is split into red cells, platelets and plasma, which means you can save three lives every time.

In case you’re wondering how young is too young to donate blood, here in New York State you have to be 17, or 16 with parental consent.

The North Rockland High School together with the New York Blood Center will host a blood drive on Wednesday, December 18th from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. It’s open to anyone, not just students, even if you’re nervous.

“I’m like really scared of needles and I’m not really good with IVs but I want to like give back to my community,” said Daniella Christ, a student.

It’s a priceless gift this holiday season.

For more information please visit:

BLOOD DRIVE INFORMATION: NY Blood Center Blood Drive North Rockland High School Wednesday Dec. 18th 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM

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