FDNY gets new high-tech gear for paramedics, firefighters

The FDNY is handling more and more emergencies, so they have invested in new vehicles and other gear to increase their efficiency. 2015 saw more than 1.6 ambulance runs and 3,000 more fires and emergencies in 2015 from 2014’s numbers.

Ivan Pereira of AMNew York was given a tour. Among the new gear he  learned about were ambulance charging stations. Vehicles will park in 39 designated spots around the city and plug into a small charging station. They can then run their equipment without using gas and will cut 45 tons of pollution per year. One such station is currently in use.

Other innovations include supersized ambulances, new rescue boats and “fly cars” – fast cars that can get EMTs to patients for care. The fly cars will not be transporting patients, but can free up ambulances and increase care to the sick and injured.

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