Family, friends honor NYPD Detective Tommy Merriweather 5 years after his death

NYPD officials held a ceremony honoring NYPD Detective Tommy Merriweather five years after his death from 9/11-related pancreatic cancer at the age of 49, reports John Asbury of Newsday.

‘It’s important we remember his dedication to the city. It’s been 16 1⁄2 years since 9/11 and five years since his death. Sometimes people don’t remember all the pain and anguish that’s happened in that 16 1⁄2 years and we have a tendency to forget sometimes,’ NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill said.”

In addition to his service in the NYPD, Detective Merriweather served in the U.S. Army, the Army Reserves and the New York National Guard.

He left a wife and two sons.

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