Fallen officers honored in D.C. for National Police Week

WHDH Washington DC

Thousands of police officers and families from around the country are in Washington to honor officers who died in the line of duty for National Police Week.

Michelle Walker came from California to honor her husband. Trooper Mike Walker died on New Year’s Eve back in 2005 when he was hit by a motorist on a California highway. He had been helping a stranded a motorist at the time.

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in DC during Police Week

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in DC during Police Week Photo WHDH

“The sacrifices that they make are sometimes overlooked or lost in the chaos of daily news and this is a place where they’re not forgotten and it means the world to me that I’m allowed to participate in this event,” said Walker.

Some of those at the events in DC said with how police have been portrayed in a negative light lately, the incidents should not reflect on police officers as a whole.

“I don’t know any officer who doesn’t truly, truly care about the community they serve,” said Officer Adam Johnston, who came from Rochester, New York.

Wednesday night, 273 officers killed in the line of duty will be honored in a ceremony at the National Law Enforcement Memorial.

A charity bicycle ride was also held in the nation’s capital as part of National Police Week, though because of threats to officers, it did not make the full traditional route.

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