Ex-Cantor broker barred from invoking 9/11 in defense to SEC

Former Cantor Fitzgerald broker Adam Mattessich cannot defend himself from SEC charges by invoking the September 11th terrorist attacks, ruled U.S. District Judge Katherine Polk Failla.

The case, Securities and Exchange Commission v Mattessich, 18-cv-5884, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, is tentatively scheduled for a February 2, 2022 trial date, reports Chris Dolmetsch for Bloomberg.

Mattessich is being sued for allegedly spitting commissions with a fellow broker illegally. He claims that because of loss of life at Cantor from the 9/11 attacks he “was stretched to his limits trying to save Cantor from collapse and had no time to discuss in any detail requests for changes in account coverage.”

Judge Polk Failla said, “I remain concerned about bringing 9/11 into a case where I don’t see its relevance.”

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