EOD officer attempts half-marathon – in a bomb suit

Lt. Daniel Glenn of the US Navy will attempt to run the Fredericksburg, Virginia Marine Corps Half Marathon. in an 85-pound bomb disposal suit to raise awareness for injured military personnel.He’s doing this on his own time and not using any U.S. government gear for the run.

Afghanistan veteran Glenn set the world record for running a mile in a bomb suit in 2012 — 8 minutes and thirty seconds —  reports Mark D. Faram of the Navy Times. This smashed the old record by a minute and 43 seconds. His record was broken by one second recently.

“It’s about helping my EOD brethren and their families,” he said. “It’s about honoring their sacrifices for this country and our Navy, sometimes at the cost of their lives — you can’t underestimate what they have done and the value they brought to our freedom.”

His run will raise funds for the EOD Warrior Foundation. He’s raised almost $8,000 so far.

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