Eagle Scout rehabs Tulsa’s 9/11 memorial

By Michael Overall TulsaWorld.com

Living less than a mile from Tulsa’s September 11 memorial, Jason Smith drove past it nearly every day and couldn’t help noticing how dreadful it looked.

Its paint was chipping, the weeds were overgrown and its rocky foundation was shifting out of place.

“It was a sorry excuse for a memorial,” Smith said. “It didn’t show the respect and dignity that we’re supposed to have for 9/11.”

Up with Trees dedicated the $40,000 memorial in 2002 at the intersection of Interstate 244 and Highway 11, where the display includes a flagpole and a metal globe.

The site lost its corporate sponsor and had been neglected until Smith pitched an idea for his Eagle Scout project.

Smith and other volunteers invested more than 300 man-hours in painting, landscaping and repairing the memorial.

A senior at Hale High School, Smith plans to pursue a career in the military after going through ROTC at Oklahoma State University.

Meanwhile, Up with Trees will team up with another Eagle Scout this weekend to make improvements to Veterans Park.

Josh Kroll will oversee the planting of 20 Oklahoma redbuds, one for every Oklahoman who has received the Medal of Honor.

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