‘Don’t forget about us’: 9/11 responders continue to get sick and die from toxic exposures

Heidi Higgins, a retired NYPD detective currently living in North Carolina, worked at the site of the World Trade Center for several months after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as well as responding on the day, reported Ben Smart of WECT.

Higgins now suffers from a variety of health issues, including COPD and GERD. She has lost more than 40% of her lung capacity and can no longer smell or taste.

She is cared for under the WTC Health Program, but is not complimentary of it. She told the reporter, “The national program is not that effective to be honest with you. I’ve been [in Wilmington, NC] since December, and I’ve been begging them for a pulmonologist. Begging them.”

The 10-13 Club in Wilmington has about 100 members, some of whom deal with World Trade Center health issues.

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