Derby Approves September 11 Memorial for Green

Ethan Fry, Valley Independent Sentinel

Part of an I-beam from one of the World Trade Center towers that fell in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks will soon be a permanent fixture on the Derby green.

The mangled section of steel will stand atop a granite pedestal located on the west side of the green across Elizabeth Street from the Superior Court building.

The city’s Aldermen on Thursday unanimously approved a plan for the memorial presented by William Nicoletti, a former fire chief who has been organizing the effort.

The granite pedestal and base will cost $25,000, to be paid for by selling 250 sponsored brick pavers for $100 apiece that will form part of a sidewalk leading to the memorial.

He said a link for making donations was expected to be on the Derby website Friday.

If more money is raised than needed, it will go into a maintenance fund.

Detailed plans for the memorial are posted below.

If all goes well the memorial will be in place by fall, Nicoletti told the Aldermen. “We’re going to hopefully have everything in place by September 11 this year, along with a dedication ceremony,” he said.

After Thursday’s meeting Nicoletti showed the I-beam to Mayor Anita Dugatto and others.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey approved the city receiving the steel in 2011. Derby actually took ownership in late 2012, Nicoletti said before the meeting.

Though the fire department led the effort to obtain the steel — Nicoletti is a former fire chief, and nearly 350 firefighters died in the 9/11 attacks — he said the memorial is meant to honor all of the 2,996 victims of the attacks.

“It’s not just for firefighters,” he said. “So many first responders and citizens died that day. This is something for everybody.”

Derby September 11 Memorial


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