Croton’s 9/11 Memorial Breaks Ground

By Liz Giegerich Ossining Patch

The Croton 9/11 Remembrance Memorial broke ground this week, to the excitement of volunteers who have been working for more than a year to make it happen.

The memorial, designed by volunteer architect James Rhodes, is located in Senasqua Park, about a half a mile from the parking lot on Eliott Way. The first phase of the project will feature a 14-foot-long steel girder from the World Trade Center’s north tower, which weighs one ton, resting on an 18-ton boulder. Bronze medallions will also be placed around the girder to create a sundial. Volunteers hope to have this phase of the project complete by September 11 for the anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks.This phase cost about $35,000.

The Remembrance Memorial Task Force raised about $20,000 but reached a wall with fundraising. Determined to have the memorial complete by the 9/11 anniversary they turned to the three municipalities for help. Cortlandt agreed to contribute $15,000; Croton donated $3,900 and Buchanan donated $1,100. Each municipality donated based on its population. Anonymous contractors and others donated the labor to move the boulder, transport the steel, survey the land and perform other necessary tasks.

The second phase will cost about $45,000, which the Task Force will need to raise. That phase will complete the memorial with a bronze statue of a woman reaching towards the steel, titled “ Reaching Through the Shadow.” A meditation garden will also be constructed.

To read more about the memorial or find out how you can volunteer click here, to donate, click here.

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