Cornell dedicates memorial to alumni lost on 9/11

On October 28, 2016, Cornell University dedicated a memorial on campus to their 21 alumni who were killed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Nineteen of the 21 were killed in the World Trade Center, two were aboard United Flight 93, reports Daniel Aloi in the Cornell Chronicle. The memorial is in the Anabel Taylor rotunda near the World War II memorial.

Among the speakers at the event was Bonnie McEneaney, widow of Eamon McEneaney.

Cornell has also established the September 11 Memorial Scholarship for undergraduates. Its first recipient is freshman Michael Golden from Holbrook, who is the son and nephew of NYPD officers who responded to the World Trade Center attacks.

The Cornell alumni killed in the terrorist attacks are: Joshua T. Aron ’94, College of Human Ecology; Janice M. Ashley ’98, College of Arts and Sciences; Albert Balewa Blackman Jr. ’96, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Joni V. Cesta ’85, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Swede J. Chevalier ’98, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Christopher Ciafardini, MBA ’99, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management; Edward P. Felt, M.S. ’83, College of Engineering; Arlene J. Fried ’74, College of Human Ecology; Fredric N. Gabler ’93, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Kristin White Gould ’57, College of Arts and Sciences; Donald G. Havlish Jr. ’70, College of Engineering;  Juan M. Lafuente, Ph.D. ’77, College of Engineering; Stuart Soo-Jin Lee ’93, College of Engineering; Sean P. Lynch ’87, School of Industrial and Labor Relations; Eamon J. McEneaney ’77, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Virginia A. Ormiston, M.Eng. ’82, College of Engineering; Kaleen E. Pezzuti ’95, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Elvin Romero ’88, College of Human Ecology; Michael A. Tanner ’79, College of Human Ecology; Jennifer L. Tzemis ’96, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences;  and Blake Wallens ’92, College of Arts and Sciences.

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