Compromise reached between competing Lower Makefield groups planning 9/11 ceremonies at township’s Garden of Reflection

At the Lower Makefield board of supervisors meeting on April 20, 2016, a compromise was reached about conflicting 9/11 ceremonies this year at the Garden of Reflection, reported D.E. Schlatter in Bucks Local News.

Supervisor Judi Reiss, who lost her son in the terrorist attacks, had received a township permit to reserve the Garden  from 7:00am on Saturday, September 10, 2016 through 9:00pm on Sunday, September 11, 2016, including a candlelight vigil on the 10th and an afternoon ceremony on the anniversary itself. These ceremonies would be quiet.

Another group led by Valerie Mihalek, which includes Ellen Saracini and other September 11th family members, hopes for a more public ceremony on the evening of the 15th anniversary.

The compromise amends Reiss’s permit so that Mihalek and Saracini can set up their evening event at 4:00pm on September 11, as long as they receive a separate permit  and do not interfere with any planned ceremonies.

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