CIA Director John Brennan says documents that could link Saudi Arabia to 9/11 terrorists should be kept classified 

The 28 secret pages of a Congressional investigation into the September 11 attacks should not be released because they contain inaccuracies, announced John Brennan, director of the CIA.

On the May 1, 2016 episode of  Meet the Press, Brennan averred that “It was a preliminary review that put information in there that was not corroborated, not vetted and not deemed to be accurate,” reported Erin Durkin in the New York Daily News. Brennan went on to say that the 28 pages are part of an early report that was investigated more thoroughly by the 9/11 Commission.

‘“I think some people may seize upon that uncorroborated, un-vetted information that was in there, that was basically just a collation of this information that came out of F.B.I. files, and to point to Saudi involvement, which I think would be very, very inaccurate,” Brennan said.’

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