Bureaucratic red tape delaying approval of uterine cancer as 9/11 illness, advocates say

After long outcry to add uterine cancer to the list of cancers linked to 9/11, in May 2022 the World Trade Center Health Program said they would be doing so. There was the required 45-day public review. By early June, uterine cancer should have been on the list. Now at the end of October, it is not on the list, reports Thomas Tracy for the New York Daily News.

Retired Con Edison employee Cheryl Hall, who worked at the recovery efforts for weeks, has uterine cancer and paid for her own surgery earlier this year. She told the News, “Part of me feels they’re hoping we die before they have to take care of us. I really believe that had this been a man’s disease and a man could get uterine cancer, it would have been covered right away.”

Apparently the reasons for the delay are political, not scientific.

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