Bill designates pedestrian bridge ‘Scajaquada 9/11 Memorial Bridge’

New York Senate Press Release

State Sen. Mark Grisanti announced passage of bill that amends the highway law to designate the bridge that crosses over Route 198 into Delaware Park that connects Nottingham Terrace with Hoyt Lake in the City of Buffalo as “Scajaquada 9/11 Memorial Bridge.”

The renaming of the bridge – approved with the passage of Senate Bill 1599 – culminated the efforts of local community activists who have been working on this project for more than two years as part of their ongoing efforts to have a memorial in the city that honors people who were killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks.

“I am pleased that my colleagues in the Senate as well as the members of the Assembly who voted in favor of this bill recognized the significance of it and how important it is to members of our community,” Grisanti said. “For more than nine years, this bridge connecting Nottingham Terrace to Hoyt Lake has been a unifying factor for those who wish to remember the victims of the worst attack to ever occur in the United States. By officially renaming it, we are not only honoring the sacrifice these individuals made with their lives, but also give the community a spot to come together to never forget.”

Since 2003, the bridge has been the site of an annual remembrance celebration on September 11. Local firefighters, police, EMS and soldiers have paid tribute to victims of the attacks. Activities have included speeches, wreath laying and testimonials. This year will mark the 10-year anniversary of the celebration.

Laurie Kostrzewski, who has worked on the this project for more than two years, has met and corresponded with local city, county and state officials – including representatives from Grisanti’s Buffalo and Albany offices – to educate them on plans and secure funding for the elements needed to make it a proper memorial.

“I am thankful that Sen. Grisanti has championed the 9/11 Memorial Bridge in the Senate,” said Kostrzewski, a community activist from the west side of Buffalo. “He has diligently worked with us and guided our efforts throughout this process. I am pleased that his colleagues recognized the importance to our community of the creation of this memorial.”

Now that the designation of the Scajaquada 9/11 Memorial Bridge has passed the Senate, it must be sent the Assembly for a vote.

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