Beyond terror: how are the Paris attack survivors healing their “invisible wounds”?

Bataclan concert hall survivor Caroline Langlade and other Paris survivors talk about the ongoing difficulties faced by survivors of terrorism in an article by Sam Ball from the New Statesman on February 5, 2016.

On November 13, 2015 November terrorist killed 90 people in the concert hall in a string of attacks across Paris that took 130 lives.

Langlade was physically uninjured but, like many of the 9/11 survivors, is struggling to cope with the memories of what she experienced.

“We have invisible wounds, we were injured in the attacks but they’re mental injuries,” says Langlade. “People died, but others are alive today and suffering – the families of those who lost their lives, victims with visible injuries, victims with invisible ones,” she says. “All these people need to heal and it’s important that we do it together, united.”

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