Arizona’s Governor Ducey signs 9/11 education bill

Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey has signed House Bill 2325  into law, making education about the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks mandatory in Arizona schools. Every public school in the state now must spend some portion of September 11th (or a nearby day if it falls on a weekend) learning about the attacks of 9/11.

Governor Ducey said in a press release, “We have an obligation to teach our children about the events and ideas that made us who we are as a nation. On that day, we faced an attack on who we are and what we stand for: democracy, liberty and freedom. We’re going to ensure future generations of Arizonans never forget how those values were defended on September 11, 2001.”

A sponsor of House Bill 2325, Representative John Kavanagh, was a PAPD officer for 20 years and knew many of the 37 PAPD officers killed in the attacks.

Arizona is the 15th state to require any September 11th instruction.

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