A mom’s long wait for justice for Boston Marathon bombings

Liz Norden, whose two sons, Paul and J.P., each lost a leg in the Boston Marathon bombing, spoke with Joe Dwinell of the Boston Herald about the Supreme Court’s decision this week to reinstate the death penalty to the surviving bomber.

She told him, “I’ve been waiting for justice for so long, so for me this decision made me feel grateful. It’s bad to feel that way, but I do. We need to start holding people accountable so maybe other families won’t go through what my sons have.”

Norden helped start A Leg Forever, a foundation that helps amputees pay for their prosthetics. She told of her joy in helping a nurse who had helped one of her sons.

Three people were killed in the April 2013 bombing, and a police officer was killed in a shootout with the bombers. Two hundred and sixty people were injured in the bombing; many of whom are now amputees.

Supreme Court justices voted 6-3 that the death sentence should be reinstated.

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