A message from the Ace Bailey Children’s Foundation

A message from our friends at the Ace Bailey Children’s Foundation

Dear Friends,

After 19+ years the Ace Bailey Children’s Foundation is closing its doors.  We’re very grateful to all our friends and donors for helping us improve the experience of hospitalization for kids and their families at Tufts Children’s Hospital (formerly the Floating Hospital for Children).

You, our donors, have become very dear to me as you helped us build facilities for kids in memory of Ace.  I will certainly miss our annual Face Off for Ace where I got to see many of you. Ace always made it a priority to make kids happy so I’m certain he would be pleased to know what you’ve collectively accomplished in his name.

All existing funds have gone to the Ace Bailey Donor Advised Fund at the hospital to be used for Ace’s Place, the NICU and the Pediatric Emergency Department.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Even if we can’t be with our families and friends this year, we can all be grateful that we have been so blessed overall.  You have all been a great inspiration to me. Thank you!

Sending love to all,
Barbara Pothier

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