A letter & survey for Stuyvesant High School students during 9/11 from NYU School of Medicine

New York University School of Medicine (NYUSOM) is conducting a survey to assess your interest in participating in a study comparing health profiles of individuals who were exposed to the World Trade Center disaster with an unexposed group. You are being asked to participate in this survey because you attended Stuyvesant High School, which is located just few blocks away from the World Trade Center disaster. Participation involves the completion of the enclosed questionnaire to evaluate your potential interest in taking part in such a study. NYUSOM researchers will use the results of this survey to plan a study to better understand the health consequences of exposures to the World Trade Center disaster. If there are any questions which may cause you anxiety or discomfort, you do not need to answer it.

This is a research survey and is anonymous because no identifiers will be recorded. Your responses will be tracked and entered only via a tracking number. Once completed there is no way for researchers or others evaluating the data to determine your individual identity and published findings will include no individual by name. Completion of the survey will take you approximately five to ten minutes. Participation is completely voluntary, and refusal to participate will not interfere with current or future care you will receive. If you have any questions about this survey you can contact Dr. Leonardo Trasande at the NYU School of Medicine (details below).

This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of NYUSOM.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

Dr. Leonardo Trasande
403 East 34th Street, Room 115
New York, NY 10016
leonardo.trasande@nyumc.org, leonardo.trasande@nyu.edu
Phone: 646-501-2520

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