9/11 widower Charlie Clyne upset over decrease in scholarship given in wife’s name at Touro Law School

News 12 Long Island

A widower who lost his wife on 9/11 says the scholarship fund he started in her memory was lowered without his knowledge.

Charlie Clyne lost his wife Susan in the north tower of the World Trade Center. When News 12 first met the Clyne family in 2002, they were raising money in her memory for the Lindenhurst School District.

The donations eventually blossomed into a scholarship fund at Susan’s alma mater, Touro Law School. For years, Touro awarded two $10,000 scholarships using funds that Clyne helped raise at an annual golf outing.

He learned in March, however, that the school had reduced those scholarships to $7,500 each. The Clyne family believes Touro is making this about politics and money as opposed to the original intention, which was to honor Susan Clyne’s memory.

The school says the amount of the scholarship varies each year, and that $40,000 remains in the account for future scholarships. Clyne says he believes there was originally more money in the account.

Touro is still planning to hold an annual golf tournament next month, but it took Susan Clyne’s name out of the title.

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