9/11 Related Cancer Cases Spike. Local Man among the Sick

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Stroudsburg, PA – The number of people reporting September 11th related cancer and illnesses is growing rapidly. The New York Post reports more than 2,500 Ground Zero first responders now have cancer.

Dave Carbone [note: Carbone is a retired NYPD detective] of Monroe County is one of them. He recalled that Tuesday morning, “When you pulled up it was like oh my God, where are the buildings? They were gone. It was just a big pile of rubble.” He told Eyewitness News he knew his partner and partner’s brother were in the buildings so he didn’t hesitate to join the search for survivors. There were no shovels, gloves, or masks.

He remarked, “The very first days it wasn’t about that ’cause who knew?”

As rescue efforts turned to recovery efforts, people started to think more about how dangerous it could be working in the debris. Carbone said, “Now they had time to step back a little bit and start giving out some equipment.” The equipment didn’t filter all of the smoke, dust, and debris during those long weeks at the site.

Carbone realized how serious things were in 2005 when illness forced him to retired [sic]. His eyes teared as he recalled, “When they turned around and told me I was full of cancer, I went oh my God, you’re like whoa now what do I do.” Doctors cut out cancer from much of his lower body. [started with prostate, apparently] He is now managing the disease. He also developed lung issues. Doctors recently told him his lungs are failing, “Now it’s gotten a lot worse walking up and down the hills and going for short walks,” said Carbone.

The New York Post reports 1,655 responders have cancer. Carbone said he has seen many friends die from 9/11 related illnesses. He tries not to get bitter because he is still here to be with his family. “Life is too short,” he contemplated.

Carbone said he was approved for benefits through the 9/11 victims compensation fund but he hasn’t received any compensation yet.

The deadline to file September 11th related cancer claims is October 12th.

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