9/11 Memorial Plot Chosen In Pittsboro; Public Input Requested

By Ran Northam with additional reporting by Anne Brenner Chapel Boro

Chatham County [NC] officials are asking for public input on a site designated for a 9-11 memorial.

Chatham Director of Community Relations Debra Henzey says the process of choosing a site for the memorial was started more than a year ago.

“In March of 2011, Chatham County received a piece of the World Trade Center from the Port Authority in New York as have other entities across the country,” Henzey says.

Henzey says before moving along any further in the process, County officials want the public to weigh in on their thoughts of the location.

“We now have a potential parcel,” Henzey says. “It’s not a huge piece of land; it’s about half an acre; it’s adjacent to our new justice center which will be opening in early January.”

She says the memorial is meant to honor those who lost their lives or were otherwise affected in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylania, as well as those affected here locally.

“It also is going to be a tribute to our own fallen law enforcement and other public safety officials in the county,” Henzey says. “So, it pays tribute to all of those who try to help keep us safe every day. Chatham County has many wonderful officers, fire service and rescue officials, police and sheriff all across the county.”

The public input session is taking place at 6:00 p.m. Monday at the Ag Auditorium in Pittsboro.

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