9/11 documentary shows struggle of Bronx family

Bronx News 12

A Bronx professor and his wife shared their struggle of coping with the loss of their son in a documentary that was screened at Fordham University today.

Orlando Rodriguez and his wife Phyllis lost their son Greg in the attacks on the World Trade Center back in 2001. They say coping with their son’s death with a documentary is a way to try and make peace rather than to have revenge.

In the documentary In Our Son’s Name, [original article had the wrong name for the film] filmmaker Gayla Jamison takes a closer look into how the couple copes with Greg’s death and their actions along the way.

It took a crew seven years to shoot and edit the movie, which was partially filmed in the Bronx.

The family has publicly spoken out against violence and says others should too. “If you take revenge, either as a person or as a government, basically what you are doing is just compounding the cycle of violence,” Orlando says.

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