40 names added to New York Police Memorial Wall – 38 died of site-related illnesses

The NYPD honored 40 fallen police officers and added their names  to the New York Police Memorial Wall in Albany.

Thirty-eight of the officers died from illnesses associated with their recovery work in the aftermath of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. The other two officers were killed in the line of duty last year — NYPD Sergeant Paul J. Tuozzolo and New York State Trooper Timothy Pratt.

The 38 officers added to the Wall who died of 9/11-related illnesses are –
Port Authority Police Officer Charles Barzydlo
NYPD Detective Aslyn A. Beckles
NYPD Officer James A. Betso
NYPD Sgt. Gerard T. Beyrodt
NYPD Lt. Rebecca A. Buck
NYPD Detective Joseph A. Cavitolo
NYPD Detective Annetta G. Daniels
NYPD Detective Michael K. Davis
NYPD Detective Leroy Dixon
NYPD Officer Otto R. Espinoza
NYPD Officer Alexander Figueroa
NYPD Sgt. Michael J. Galvin
NYPD Officer Deborah A. Garbutt-Jeff
NYPD Officer Matthew J. Gay
NYPD Detective Charles G. Gittens Jr.
NYPD Detective Michael E. Glazer
NYPD Sgt. Charles R. Gunzelman
NYPD Police Officer Demetrias Hopkins
NYPD Sgt. Wayne A. Jackson
NYPD Police Officer Charles M. Karen
NYPD Lt. Luis A. Lopez
Yonkers Police Officer Anthony Maggiore
Nassau County Police Officer Peter Martino
Nassau County Police Officer Paul J. McCabe
NYPD Detective James W. Monahan
NYPD Sgt. Edmund P. Murray
New York State Trooper Covel C. Pierce
NYPD Sgt. Louis R. Pioli
NYPD Capt. Peter L. Pischera
NYPD Assistant Chief Michael V. Quinn
NYPD Lt. Robert D. Rice
NYPD Detective Ronald A. Richards
NYPD Lt. Kenneth W. Rosello
NYPD Sgt. Jacqueline C. Schaefer
NYPD Lt. Marci Simms
NYPD Detective Andrew L. Siroka
New York State Police Investigator Paul R. Stuewer
NYPD Police Officer Kenneth W. Wolf

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