A message from CAPT S. L. Bateshansky of USS SOMERSET

From the CO of USS SOMERSET, the ship that honors those brave souls aboard United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001:

Tomorrow morning I will turn over command to CAPT Dave Kurtz. He comes to us with an extensive background of performance and will continue to lead SOMERSET in an exceptional manner.

For me, it has been an incredibly rewarding 2 years onboard and 14.5 months in command. Your Sailors have answered every call, jumped every hurdle, and found a way to collectively get it done with precision and style all the time, every time. I am proud to have been part of their journey and be amazed at what they accomplished. Thank you all for your support to your Sailors along the way.

Let’s Roll!

CAPT S. L. Bateshansky

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