At World Trade Center Memorial, a bombing is forgotten

Visitors at the National September Memorial were asked by Ruth Bashinsky of the New York Times whether or not they knew about the February 26, 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Many of them did not. For others, it was an important memory.

That bombing murdered six people (one of whom was 8 months pregnant) and injured another 1,000 people.

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Three-year-old honorary FDNY FF Trucker Dukes in hospice for pain management

Three-year-old Trucker Dukes of Hawaii, who was made an honorary firefighter by the FDNY for his brave fight against neuroblastoma, is in hospice for pain management after 2 years of cancer treatments.

“We have officially enrolled him in hospice to help with the pain,” said Trucker’s mom Shauna Dukes. “Please know that we are not giving up. We are still consulting with integrative medicine doctors, treating him at home, enjoying all the sweet moments we have together.”

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1993 World Trade Center bomber dies in prison

Convicted terrorist Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, 78, mastermind of the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, has died in prison, reports Amy R. Connolly of UPI.

Rahmancommonly known as the “Blind Sheikh,” was serving life in prison for murdering six adults and an unborn child and injuring around 1,000 people in the terrorist attack. He was plotting other attacks that were foiled. He was believed to be involved in a variety of other terrorist attacks.

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