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Weather blamed for damages to North Tonawanda’s 9/11 memorial

Nancy Fischer  News Niagara NORTH TONAWANDA – The harsh winter weather, not vandalism, was blamed for damage that brought down a tower in the city’s 9/11 Memorial. The monument in Brauer Park, next to City Hall, was dedicated September 11, 2014, and includes a piece of steel salvaged from the wreckage of the World Trade […]

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Olive Shrubs Threatening Flight 93 Memorial Park

KDKA Pittsburgh After a destructive fire wiped out part of the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, another threat looms over the park: Autumn Olive shrubs. The National Park Service says the non-native shrubs are taking over the Memorial park and threatening thousands of trees planted there. Next week 35 volunteers, with the help of exotic plant management specialists, will remove […]

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Vandals attack 9/11 memorial in Christchurch NZ

Charlie Mitchell Vandalism of Christchurch monument commemorating service men and women killed in action is “total disrespect”, a firefighter says. On Thursday, a spraycan was used to scrawl in red paint across the memorial in Firefighters Park, which is dedicated to “all firefighters worldwide”. The artwork in the central city’s Madras St acknowledges the […]

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