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Expressive writing and PTSD – the health benefits of expressive writing

Writing about stressful experiences or emotionally charged issues you have experienced can be good for your mental health, writes Stacey Colino in U.S. News and World Report. Pouring thoughts and emotions onto paper has helped people with conditions as varied as Parkinson’s disease, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and trauma recovery. Even wounds heal faster when the […]

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Plaque unveiling at Bayside firehouse is a loving dedication to Capt. Thomas Thompson

A plaque unveiling honoring FDNY Captain Thomas “Tommy” Thompson was held last week. Captain Thompson died on August 17, 2015 of World Trade Center-related cancer writes Mark Hallum of the Queens Times Ledger. Captain Thompson served with Engine 306 for 13 years, was cited for bravery three times and fought to save his firehouse from closure several […]

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Rescuing the rescuers: the effort to cover and monitor 9/11 responders for lung disease and cancer

Thousands of World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers, survivors of the attacks and residents, workers and students of Lower Manhattan have become sick because of  the chemicals in the pulverized remains of the Towers. Approximately 70% of the more than 40,000 people who worked at the World Trade Center site after the attacks have lung problems.More than […]

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