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Fallout from 9/11 attacks on par with Fukushima and Chernobyl

At a recent conference at the New York Academy of Medicine, researchers shared more evidence of elevated rates of cancer, heart and respiratory disease and post-traumatic stress disorder among workers at the World Trade Center site that link to the chemicals at the site. One doctor avowed that the health consequences of the terrorist attacks of September […]

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New York state extends deadline for September 11 health claims

The deadline for World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers to file claims for the many illnesses stemming  from their work at the site after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks is now September 11, 2018. The opportunity to file ended two years ago, leaving those recently diagnosed with World Trade Center-related illness stranded, writes Michael Virtanen […]

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9/11 anniversary: Death toll from illness nears same number of deaths during attacks

Health  officials predict that the number of people who die from exposure to the World Trade Center toxins within 5 years will be greater than the 2,973 people murdered on the day of the attacks, reports Rachael Revesz in the Independent. More than 37,000 people are officially recognised as sick already. Many of them are very […]

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