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Hundreds of EMS workers who helped in 9/11 clean-up effort told their work can’t be verified

Several hundred EMS professionals have received letters from the NYC Employees Retirement System informing them that their service at the recovery effort cannot be verified, and that they will need to prove their service within 60 days.Ironically, the letters arrived during National EMS Week, reports Ginger Adams Otis in the New York Daily News.

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Promising brain cancer trial given breakthrough status by FDA

60 Minutes and CBS News report on a new cancer treatment that has been granted breakthrough status by the FDA because of its startlingly good results. Molecular biologist Matthias Gromeier re-engineered a polio virus to fight glioblastoma. He made the virus unable to cause illness or replicate in normal cells. It can replicate in cancer cells, […]

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Annual NYS Police Officers’ Memorial Remembrance Ceremony recognizes fallen officers, including deaths from site-related illness

From New York State’s webpage The names of 26 police officers from New York State who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty were added to the black granite memorial at the Empire State Plaza in Albany on May 10 during NY’s annual Police Officers’ Memorial Remembrance Ceremony. Four New York State law enforcement […]

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