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Zadroga ‘Poster Boy’ Is Short on Glamour but Long on Heart

FF Ray Pfeifer, who served nearly 28 years with the FDNY, is now retired and suffering from site-related Stage IV kidney cancer that has spread to his brain, bones and elsewhere, still spent months in Washington DC fighting to extend the Zadroga Act wrote Sarah Dorsey in the Chief Leader on January 16, 2016. His chemotherapy […]

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How a 9/11 Pentagon survivor used yoga to overcome PTSD

Gulf War veteran John Thurman was inside the west side of the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, when terrorists slammed American Airlines Flight 77 into the building. 125 people in the Pentagon were killed, along with 59 people on the flight — 26 of them were Thurman’s friends. Thurman suffered from severe smoke inhalation and […]

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Retired EMT Norman Valle, 59, dies of leukemia linked to 9/11 service

Retired EMT Norman Valle died of complications from World Trade Center leukemia on January 6, 2016. He was 59, writes Thomas Tracy in the January 15, 2016 edition of the New York Daily News ‘“He was a mentor to many EMTs in the Bronx especially if they came through Jacobi Hospital,” a colleague said. “He was a […]

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