Vette a mobile 9/11 memorial

Jon Pompia The Pueblo Chieftain

It’s a sleek, highly detailed mobile memorial to those who lost their lives in the attacks of 9/11 and during the war on terror.

And it was in Pueblo over the weekend.

photo credit The Pueblo Chieftain

photo credit The Pueblo Chieftain

David Sommerdorf’s Marine Corps Vette is a 1992 Chevrolet Corvette. It is intricately customized with digital graphics and airbrushings that pay tribute not only to the victims of 9/11 and those killed while serving their country but also acknowledges America’s role in World War II and the Marine Corps’ battle history.

Depicted in amazing hologram-like detail are the U.S. Arizona at Pearl Harbor, the twin towers, flag raisings at Iwo Jima and ground zero, Marine Corps emblems and photos of Sommerdorf family members who have served. The names of the victims killed during the 9/11 attacks are listed under the hood, while under the trunk are inscribed the names of veterans lost during the war on terror.

“When someone recognizes the name of a family member or friend either under the hood or the trunk, I put a small rose by it,” Sommerdorf said. “It’s always a very moving scene.”

The car’s reverse cutout tail lights are marked with “U.S.M.C.” while the Alaska license plate reads MCVET.

In all, the extensive customization process took nine months to complete.

Sommerdorf, who served in the Marine Corps from 1979-83, also is an ordained Baptist minister. He was a guest speaker at Sunday’s service at the Rocky Mountain Baptist Church, during which he showed a clip from the professionally produced DVD “America’s Mobile Memorial.”

The “Corps”-Vette has visited 35 states, Sommerdorf said, including stops at ground zero and Fort Hood in Texas. He takes it around the country as a vibrant and eye-catching reminder of the great price many have paid in the name of freedom as well as to reinforce the need to support troops who continue to defend these freedoms.

More information on Sommerdorf and this one-of-a-kind Vette may be found at

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