City’s train trestles are vulnerable to terrorist attacks: MTA

Viaducts and trestles of subway, Metro-North and LIRR trains are vulnerable to sabotage and terrorism said MTA board members after a meeting.

The MTA does not control the land underneath tracks and does not patrol many of them, leaving the support structures vulnerable, writes Danielle Furfaro of the New York Post.

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N.J.-based E-dog Iris sniffs out digital evidence for the FBI

Stefanie Dazio reports in The Record that the FBI has received their first electronic-sniffing dog — one of just seven such dogs in the country.

Iris, a 19-month-old black Lab is stationed in Newark with her handler, Special Agent Jeffrey Calandra. Iris finds hidden electronics that contain evidence in criminal cases. She can also detect post-explosion electronics, such as detonators.

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TSA’s issues go beyond long lines: Probes find waste, lapses in security

Christopher Maag reports in The Record that investigators from the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General, the House Committee on Oversight and the Government Accountability Office have uncovered major problems with the TSA.

Last year, agents from the Department of Homeland Security tried to move weapons and imitation bombs through TSA security checkpoints. They succeeded 95% of the tests. Employees who raise concerns are punished.

‘“No one who reports issues is safe at TSA,” Mark Livingston, who works with TSA’s chief risk officer, told Congress in April. “I am concerned that TSA employees responsible for transportation security, intelligence and analysis fear their supervisors more than they fear a potential terrorist threat,” ‘writes Maag.

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