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Georgia memorial honors 9/11 Flight 93

The Macon County Courts Facility in Decatur, Georgia has unveiled a memorial containing a fragment of fuselage from United Flight 93, the fourth plane hijacked on September 11, 2001, reports Huey Freeman in The thirty-three passengers and seven crew aboard the flight attacked the hijackers in the cockpit, bringing the plane down in a field […]

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Friends of Flight 93 hold annual meeting

The Friends of Flight 93 board held their annual meeting on November 5, 2016, reported Dylan Johnson in the (Somerset) Daily American. Tom McMillan and Don Alexander were re-elected to the board for second terms, and new members Tom Rooney and Fred Lukachinsky were elected to the board. Their terms will begin on January 1, 2017. Friends […]

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Occidental College students disciplined over vandalism of 9/11 memorial flags

The Occidental College students who allegedly destroyed a 9/11 memorial flag display at the school last September have been disciplined, and the investigation into the destruction is finished, said a statement from the college, reports Barry Lank in The Eastsider. Privacy law prevents details from being released. Flags from the display were torn up and destroyed or thrown […]

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