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Zadroga now covers new-onset COPD, common illness for WTC responders

New-onset COPD has been added to the World Trade Center Health Program’s list of covered diseases. In the past, only pre-September 11 COPD exacerbated by the attacks was covered, writes Sarah Dorsey in Chief Leader. Many recovery workers and survivors of the attacks have struggled with new-onset COPD for years.

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Ailing West Milford 9/11 responder makes desperate plea for aid on billboards

Mike Megna has taken out billboards outside MetLife Stadium, by the Holland Tunnel and on New York buses. They read, “Add Kidney Disease for 9/11 Rescue Workers!” Kidney disease is currently not covered by the James Zadroga Health and Compensation Act of 2010. Megna suffers from atypical anti-glomerular basement membrane nephritis, a kidney disease so rare that […]

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5 things we’ve learned about PTSD since 9/11

Task & Purpose magazine writer Alice Vitiello lists five things experts have learned about PTSD since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. PTSD is no longer regarded as a disorder but as a normal reaction to abnormal events. Post-traumatic stress disorder is treatable and not a life sentence. Treatments are advancing and a great many […]

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