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CIA releases secret report identifying errors before 9/11

Julian Hattem The Hill After a decade of secrecy, the CIA on Friday released a nearly 500-page inspector general report outlining multiple “systemic problems” in the nation’s spy agencies ahead of the terror attacks on September 11, 2001. Those failures helped contribute to the country’s blindness about the terror attacks, analysts claimed in the 2005 report, and impeded […]

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Review – new play ‘White Ash Falling’ stumbles in exploring horrors of 9/11

John Monaghan Detroit Free Press Where were you when the Twin Towers fell? The answer to that question is charged with drama, especially for people who lost a loved one in the terrorist attack. Several such stories are told in the new play White Ash Falling 9/11, and many are compelling. The problem with the Detroit […]

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TSA missed 73 active workers with links to terrorism

CNN To see a video about the TSA missing links to terrorism in 73 of their employees, click here.

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